2019 Fairport Forward Capital Project: Phase I

About The Project

We know that in order to provide our students and community with the best possible opportunities for success, we must first meet student needs in a rapidly changing world. To better understand these needs, the Fairport Central School District engaged the community and analyzed current facilities through a series of research initiatives. This included an analysis of more than 3,000 respondents from a community-wide survey by the District Advisory Council (DAC), a Space Utilization Study conducted by the District’s architect and a state-mandated building condition survey. As a result, the District developed a facilities plan aligned with its Long-Term Strategic Initiatives. This comprehensive, multi-phased capital project plan will focus on three main areas: Educational Programming, Fiscal Sustainability and Facilities Planning. Our community has high expectations for its schools, and these upgrades will create healthy, safe and engaging environments that will leave a lasting impact for decades to come. We firmly believe in the potential of Fairport Central Schools and we can’t wait to take the next step toward our future.

Fairport CSD Strategic Initiatives

Educational Programming

  • Modern learning spaces that foster communication, collaboration, problem solving and creativity

  • Focused on science and technology

Fiscal Sustainability

  • Managing infrastructure and protecting investments

  • Consistent, manageable facilities renovation plan that avoids costly one-off projects

Facilities Planning

  • Improved safety and security

  • Enhanced athletic facilities

  • Parking lot upgrades

  • Enhancing infrastructure

Phase 1 Capital Improvement Project Highlights

  • Secure entrances and districtwide safety improvements

  • Necessary boiler replacements

  • Districtwide infrastructure maintenance

  • Technology rooms renovation at Johanna Perrin Middle School

  • Science classroom upgrades at Fairport High School and Martha Brown Middle School

  • Reconfigured bus loop and student drop- off/pick-up at Jefferson Avenue

  • Cafeteria and gymnasium renovations at Fairport High School

  • New corridor and lockers at Fairport High School

  • Multi-purpose fields at Fairport High School for physical education and athletics

Energy Efficiency Highlights - Phase 1

  • Energy efficient, “smart” lighting in renovated classrooms.

  • Boiler replacement of 82% efficient with 95% efficient units.

  • Restroom upgrades with high efficiency plumbing fixtures.

  • Curtain-wall upgrades to system with higher thermal resistance value to reduce energy consumption.

  • Water coolers.

Energy Efficiency Highlights - Future Phases

  • Direct Digital Controls for building HVAC automation.

"We want to make sure students are prepared well into the future and build upon our community’s high expectations for our schools."

—Brett Provenzano

Superintendent, Fairport Central School District

"This is our first step in this multi-phased approach. A process that will help us maintain and protect our investments and, more importantly, make sure our students have the right facilities that support their growth and development not only today, but well into the future."

Brett Provenzano

Superintendent, Fairport Central School District

Fairport Forward focuses on:

• Educational Programming: Creating modern learning spaces with a focus on science and technology.

• Fiscal Sustainability: Managing infrastructure, protecting investments and creating a consistent facilities plan for District facilities.

• Facilities Planning: Providing safety and security enhancements and site improvements, such as multi-layer single-point entrances, Fairport High School’s multi-purpose fields and Jefferson Avenue’s reconfigured bus loop and student drop-off/pick-up.

The Future of Fairport Central School District!

The best opportunities start by meeting the needs of the modern student. After analyzing over 3,000 community responses, we believe that the path is set for Fairport’s future.

Fairport Forward: Investing in the Future

We want to give our community the best opportunity to thrive and that starts right here with our students. We spoke with the Fairport school community to find out why #FairportForward is important to them.

A Plan for Success

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