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Fairport Forward 2022: Phase II

Fairport Central School District’s commitment to providing students with high quality and modern learning environments is a cornerstone of the District’s mission. As the needs of students evolve, the District will rise to meet them.

With the planned return of ninth-graders to the Fairport High School facility in the fall of the 2026-27 school year, it is necessary to assess and adapt the learning spaces at FHS to accommodate those changing needs, as well as bringing essential facilities our other Fairport schools up to the modern, safe and welcoming standards that our students deserve and our community expects.

A big part of knowing where we're going is knowing where we are. The Fairport Central School District is so grateful for our community's past support of our Fairport Forward 2019 Capital Improvement Project, which began the process of getting the District on a regular Capital Project vote cycle AND the process of bringing our facilities up to the modern standards that YOU and OUR STUDENTS deserve!

Over the past few years, you have seen a return on your investment - and there is so much more to come! Check out this video about Where We Are in the Fairport Forward Capital project

We’re looking ahead at the future of Fairport, and we’re excited to bring you along with us! Your support for our Fairport Forward 2019 Capital Improvement Project helped get the ball rolling on bringing our facilities up to date and up to the standards that our community has set - and the journey isn’t over! Check out this video about Fairport Forward 2022, and - with your help - where we’re going next!

There’s so much to be excited about as we continue to bring our FCSD facilities up to the standards our Fairport students deserve. We want you to know: the Fairport Forward 2022 Capital Project was crafted with your dollars and cents in mind! Check out this video on how the District plans to give our community members the most for their money in Fairport Forward 2022!

Fairport High School students joined our partners at LaBella Associates to learn more about what goes into designing new spaces in schools, and to share their feedback on what FHS could look like if Fairport Forward 2022 is passed.

COMMUNITY PRIDE: There is something special about the Fairport Central School District. You can find it in the spirit of C.A.R.E. in every hallway and classroom, in the cheers you hear at every sporting event and in the applause at every performance.

The Fairport Forward 2022 Capital Improvement Project is a look ahead at the bright future of FCSD and the value of our schools to the Fairport and Perinton communities.

2019 Fairport Forward Project Updates

August 2022 Project Update

August 23, 2022

Click here to view the project update that was given to the Board of Education at its August 23 meeting.

Summer construction continued at many FCSD facilities as part of Phase I of the Fairport Forward Capital Improvement Project. During July, crews worked on new secured Main Offices at Minerva DeLand, Martha Brown, Jefferson Avenue, and Brooks Hill.

The athletic fields at Fairport High School were updated with new paint.

Sitework at Jefferson Avenue also includes a new traffic pattern at the bus loop and drop-off zone - that construction is underway.

June 2022 Project Update

June 21 2022

Click here to view the project update that was given to the Board of Education at its June 21 Meeting.

Work on the 2019 voter-approved Fairport Forward Capital Improvement Project (CIP) continues at Fairport High School (FHS. Crews with LaBella Associates and Campus Construction continue the terrazzo flooring installation at the cafeteria and will begin tiling the corridor walls.

Phase 1b work at Martha Brown and Johanna Perrin continues as well, with science room framing and bathroom drywall work at MB and a new ceiling grid in the JP Nurses' Office.

Crews are preparing to begin site work at Jefferson Avenue.

May 2022 Project Update

May 27, 2022

Click here to view the project update that was given to the Board of Education at its May 24 Meeting.

Work continues this spring at Fairport High School (FHS) as part of the 2019-voter approved Fairport Forward Capital Improvement Project (CIP). Crews with LaBella Associates and Campus Construction have begun setting the new kitchen equipment, and prepping the new floors for the installation of terrazzo flooring.

Meanwhile, crews are beginning work on Phase 1B of the project at Martha Brown with renovation of bathroom areas and science classrooms. Demolition has begun of the boiler at Jefferson Avenue Elementary School.