Fairport Forward Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most important questions about the Fairport Forward 2019 Capital Improvement Project.

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What is Fairport Forward?

Fairport Forward is a multi-phased, long-term capital project plan that addresses facilities planning and the future of Fairport’s educational programming with a fiscally responsible approach.

Where did this plan come from?

Fairport Forward came from a combination of research initiatives conducted over the past several years, including a community-wide survey by the District Advisory Council, a Space Utilization Study conducted by the District’s architect and the state-mandated Five-Year Building Condition Survey. We took the results of these initiatives, along with more than 3,000 community responses, and used them to guide the development of Fairport Forward.

How does Fairport Forward align to our Strategic Initiatives?

Fairport Forward focuses on:

• Educational Programming: Creating modern learning spaces with a focus on science and technology.

• Fiscal Sustainability: Managing infrastructure, protecting investments and creating a consistent facilities plan for District facilities.

• Facilities Planning: Providing safety and security enhancements and site improvements, such as multi-layer single-point entrances, Fairport High School’s multi-purpose fields and Jefferson Avenue’s reconfigured bus loop and student drop-off/pick-up.

How will it affect my child's education?

Fairport Forward will modernize learning spaces in renovated areas, and provide access to upgraded physical education and athletic facilities and site improvements. For example, science and technology classroom upgrades at Johanna Perrin, Martha Brown and Fairport High School will optimize learning opportunities in these disciplines for students.

What is the timeline for Phase 1 of Fairport Forward?

Phase 1 is up for public vote on December 10, 2019. If it passes, construction is expected to begin in spring/summer 2021. The project is anticipated to be completed in fall 2023.

How much will this impact my taxes?

The proposed Phase 1 Capital Improvement Project is estimated to cost $56.7 million. If the capital improvement project is approved, the District will fund the project with $7 million from its Capital Building Reserve Fund and $49.75 million of issued principal in long-term debt. Long-term debt principal and interest payments are projected to begin in the 2022-23 fiscal year. After factoring in capital reserve monies, state building aid (77.9%), and local share of current debt retiring, the estimated tax impact of the project for a property assessed at $200,000 is $45 per year. Such impact is for a period of fifteen (15) years during which the debt is paid and state building aid is received.

Will there be future phases for capital work? How many years will the additional tax for the capital project be added to our taxes?

The estimated $45 per year for a $200,000 home is paid over a 15 year period and is specifically related to this proposed capital project to be voted upon Dec. 10. The District will continue to evaluate facilities and related improvement needs as it relates to programming and infrastructure. As part of long range facilities planning, it is anticipated that there will be future capital work that the District would put to a vote for voters, however, that particular scope has not been fully identified and may depend on the results of the December 2019 vote.

Will the expenses related to the proposed capital project result in the District exceeding the property tax cap?

No. The following are considered exclusions under the property tax cap: construction, acquisition, reconstruction, rehabilitation or improvement of school district capital facilities or capital equipment, including debt service & lease expenditures, and transportation capital debt service.

Will the proposed capital project impact the exemption/credit related to the STAR (Basic/Enhanced) program?

No. The STAR program is a separate program administered by NYS. Please see the following link for more information related to the STAR program: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/star/eligibility.htm.

Will the proposed project lead us toward a 'greener' District & promote environmental sustainability?

Phase 1 of the proposed Fairport Forward project will include energy efficiencies. Highlights include:

  • Direct Digital Controls for building HVAC automation.

  • Energy efficient, “smart” lighting in renovated classrooms.

  • Boiler replacement of 82% efficient with 92% efficient units.

  • Restroom upgrades with high efficiency plumbing fixtures.

  • Curtain-wall upgrades to system with higher thermal resistance value to reduce energy consumption.

  • Water coolers.