Transportation Project Updates

September 2019 Updates for Transportation facility

Sep 20, 2019

The Transportation Center has been completed and is fully operational, however September brings more updates to the facility.

These items include:

Building is Occupied and Fully Operational

Aug 1, 2019

The new Transportation Building has been occupied by the District and is fully operational! Top-coating, striping and parking space numbering has been completed at the north side of the parking area, allowing busses to return on-site, and the remaining paving work continues toward August completion. Additional radiant heating will also be added under the west sidewalk to help manage ice and snow during the winter months. The fuel island fire suppression system has been tested and the final components of the electrical system are being installed.

The demolition and removal of the former transportation facility are also complete. Upon its removal, the area was excavated to remove unsuitable soils and replaced with engineered stone to support the new parking area. Two underground old oil tanks and an oil separator that were no longer in use were also unearthed and fully removed. Under the supervision of an environmental engineer and the DEC, the removal site was reviewed and remediated for contaminants, and then filled with engineered stone in preparation for the new asphalt parking area. All work is on schedule for completion at the end of this month!

Project Enters Homestretch

Jul 1, 2019

BOCES has inspected and approved the new building, allowing the architect to proceed with the process of obtaining a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). This will enable the District to occupy the new Transportation Building in early June.

Inside the new building, work on the boilers, air handlers, elevator, and bus lifts has all been completed, with all now activated and fully operational. The facility training and turnover process is underway.

Outside the new building, the curbing and sidewalks have been completed, along with the under-slab radiant heating. The perimeter fencing pole installation has started, with the fabric to follow.

The next step will be for contractors to begin the decommissioning and removal of the existing transportation facility. All work is on schedule for completion in August.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Work Continue to Progress

May 1, 2019

Outdoors, the curbing and sidewalks are currently being installed around the new building, along with the under-slab radiant heating. Installation of the oil separator and retention pond have also been completed. Nearly all exterior components have been fully installed on the new building at this point, with only soffits and fascia on the building’s west side remaining. These will be applied after removal of the existing building, when there will be adequate space for the contractors to perform the west façade work. Inside the new building, interior finish work has been completed on both the first and second levels. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work continues to progress on schedule. The boilers and air handling unit are up and running, and the elevator installation is nearly complete — the elevator itself has been installed, and programming is currently underway. Both the bus wash equipment and fire alarm system are also complete and on track for testing later this month. As the new building nears substantial completion, “punch list” items are being identified and addressed to allow for building access in late May. The demolition plan for the old facility, along with the remaining exterior and site work that will follow, are currently being finalized to allow for final project completion in August.

Interior and Exterior Taking Shape

Apr 1, 2019

The general trades contractor has completed installation of the roof and siding panels, stone façade, interior liner panels, overhead doors and windows. 

The soffits, fascias and detail work continue to make progress. Inside the building, interior finish work also continues, with painting, ceiling grid and ceramic tile work all underway. 

Work on the second stair tower installation has begun, along with the elevator installation work. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors are installing rough-in work on both the first and second levels. 

Ductwork installation is also moving along throughout the facility. Fire sprinkler system is also nearly complete.

Weather Tight Overhead Doors Installed

Feb 1, 2019

While the winter weather runs its course outside, the new Transportation Facility — now weather tight with overhead doors — is making significant progress inside:

Inside the building, all drywall installation is complete on both levels, and painting is underway. One of the two stair towers has been installed; the second stair tower will go in later this month, with the elevator assembly to follow. On the lower level, the heating plant, air recovery system and gas lines have been installed in the mechanical room, and the bus wash equipment is on track for installation later this month. On the upper level, the bus drivers’ room is nearing completion, bathrooms are being tiled, and soffits are being constructed in preparation for lockers. Throughout the building’s interior, the sprinkler and mechanical systems are being installed, and electrical, plumbing, and finish work continues.

Outside the building, roof panel installation is complete, with soffit and fascia detailing now underway. On the east and west sides of the building, the remaining exterior wall panels are going up, along with masonry sills. Exterior site work is on pause for now and will begin again in late spring as the new building nears completion.

Progress Being Made on Building Facade

Jan 1, 2019

The fuel island and canopy work is now complete, with testing planned for spring. In addition to the roofing panels, the exterior siding panels, stone facade and interior liner panels are now complete. The overhead doors and windows are currently being installed, and the gutters have been installed and tied into the new storm water system.

Work inside continues to develop as interior finish work continues. All of the interior radiant heat loops, trench drains and concrete slabs are in place, and stair tower installation has also begun. The metal stud work and drywall finish is now 95% complete, and most of the area is primed and ready for painting. Tile work has commenced in the upper restrooms.

The mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors are continually installing roughing-in work on the first and second floor levels. The boilers and air handling units have been installed, and duct work installation is ongoing throughout the facility. In addition, the fire suppression system is currently 85% complete and mechanical finishes are currently being installed.

The Building is Now Encapsulated

Dec 1, 2018

Despite a rash of rainy weather, work continues both inside and outside the new building. The fuel island canopy is currently being installed, the roof panel installations are complete, and the siding panels are currently going up. The building is now encapsulated. Temporary heat has been installed and activated, and the bus warmer electrical panel and outlets are fully installed and operational. The decorative stone facade work also continues to make progress.

Both the mechanical and main mezzanines have been installed; the concrete for the main mezzanine has been installed which has opened up work for all trades. Fire caulking, insulation, metal stud and drywall is being installed on both the first and second floor levels. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors are also continuing their work on the first and second floor levels.

Exterior Stonework Continues

Nov 1, 2018

Work on the bus warmer continues with the electrical panel and outlets now going in. The building’s concrete block work is now complete, and the decorative stone façade work continues to take shape. Most of the building’s steel frame has been installed, with only the second portion of the mezzanine remaining. The steel detailing, exterior metal skin, and roof panel work are currently in progress, as is metal stud work. Inside, drywall is now being installed on interior walls as those spaces are available.

Detail and Roof Work Have Begun

Oct 1, 2018

The new Transportation Building is taking shape —the steel frame has been installed, and the detail work and roof panel work has commenced. The concrete block work is continuing to make progress with the installation of interior and exterior walls, and the decorative stone facade work has also begun. The bus wash trench drains and under-slab bus lift equipment are currently being installed. Equipment is being set for mechanical contractor installations, and plumbing work continues to make progress with all water feed piping nearly completed on the first-floor level.

Parking Area is Complete

Sep 1, 2018

The parking area has now been completed up to the asphalt binder course — the final top coat will be installed when the project is near completion and heavy construction traffic/equipment is no longer on site. The bus parking area has been striped and is currently in use by the District. The new site lighting and bus warmers have also been installed, and work on the fuel island continues.

The concrete block work for the new building continues with the installation of the stair towers, elevator shaft and bus wash area bearing walls. The metal building steel frame is currently being erected with detailing to follow.